Sekumpul Waterfall Trekking

Sekumpul Waterfall Trekking is very different kind of trekking adventure. This trekking trails located in Sekumpul Waterfall Buleleng regency. Waterfalls are the main objects sought in this ascent. With an altitude of more than 100 meters and consists of seven separate waterfalls it offers incredibly beautiful scenery. Besides the scenery during the trip to the waterfall also offers a very extraordinary natural beauty. The combination of rice fields and jungle view provides a cool and different atmosphere from other tourist activities in Bali. Its why Sekumpul Waterfall often called the best waterfall ever seen in Bali.

Of the seven waterfalls there are only two waterfalls that can be visited closer. Uniquely, the two waterfalls are located side by side but have different heights and water discharge. In addition, these two waterfalls come from two different sources, where the waterfall on the left is sourced from the spring and the waterfall on the right is sourced from the river. In the rainy season, the waterfall on the left will remain clear because it comes from the spring while the waterfall on the right will be brown turbid.

Sekumpul Waterfall

05.00 am:Pick up at your hotel
08.00 am:Arrive at the starting point of Sekumpul Waterfall Trekking
08.15 am:Having breakfast or hot coffee/tea
08.30 am:Starting our trekking and walking down to the waterfall
09.30 am:Swim in the hot spring
10.00 am:Walking up to the jungle or small forest also we pass rice paddies field and coffee plantation
11.30 am:Take rest and drinking fresh coconut fruits
12.30 pm:Arrive back at finish point and having lunch
14.00 pm:Visiting Beratan Lake by Hulundanu Water Temple and traditional fruits
17.00 pm:Arrive at your hotel

Price Include during Sekumpul Waterfall Trekking:

  • Hotel pick up & drop off
  • Local English Speaking Guide
  • Mineral Water, snacks, fruits
  • Lunch by Indonesian Food


  • Short Trip (2 hours)
  • Medium Trip (3 hours)
  • Long Trip (4 hours)