Bali Sunrise Volcano

  • Hulundanu Water Temple Bedugul
    Hulundanu Water Temple Bedugul
    Bedugul Tour provide you the combination of culture and nature of Balinese people. This tour packages is very exciting private tour for you who love culture and nature in the same time.
  • Mount Agung Volcano Sunrise Trekking
    Mount Agung Volcano Sunrise Trekking
    The highest trekking in Bali, Mount Agung Trekking provide you either a spectacular view and unforgettable experiences. It is the highest and holiest mountain in Bali. Balinese people believe that Mount Agung is a sacred mountain which always maintain and give life.
  • Caldera Sunrise Trekking
    Caldera Sunrise Trekking
    Known as double view trekking, Caldera Sunrise Trekking is one of the most beautiful view in bali and in the world. It has been describe as “trekking with the gods” with an amazing spiritual experience with an amazing view.
  • Bali Elephant Ride Tour
    Bali Elephant Ride Tour
    This tour is bali activities package which is tried to give you the opportunity to ride an elephant into the jungle, village and rice terrace.


BALI SUNRISE VOLCANO, Bali Trekking and Tour Provider

Bali Sunrise Volcano is team of professional hikers in Bali. We are here to offering you the real Bali Trekking Adventure during you stay in Bali. Our team come from all around Bali that know the root of Balinese culture and all the things had been unknown by foreigners. It is our ambition to combine your interests, wishes and ideas with our experience and professional expertise to create your own adventure experience.

This website is designed to get in touch with traveler who is looking for a different way of adventure, bringing you directly to the roots of Bali Hindu culture, showing you the secrets and beauty of this island. It is important for us to listen to all of our customer’s needs and to satisfy their expectations.

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